– For those who are planning to study in US in the near future, you must have learned and heard about the ACT exam, but do you know how many hours to prepare for ACT?

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ACT is a leading standardized test for admission purposes to universities and colleges in the US as well as hundreds of international universities around the world. You know, no exams are easy, right? So, just if you spend a certain amount of time reviewing and making efforts for this exam, you can be confident about the result you want. But how many hours to prepare for ACT?

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In general, the average time a student needs to accumulate knowledge and skills to take the ACT test is at least 3 to 4 months. On the other hand, for those who have never been learned Math and Science in English and whose English ability is not good, the preparation time must be longer.

However, ACT is not easy to achieve high results. This means that you have to be really persistent in the preparation process and need to set up a really clear plan.

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Ideally, you should aim for a plan to study ACT in a fixed time from 1.5 to 2 hours per day and spend a day in the week to review your revised knowledge. Try to maintain a regular review and follow the commitments you made at the beginning. Remember, the more time and effort you put into the preparation process, the better the ACT score you will achieve!

There is no specific criterion for how many hours to prepare for ACT. It depends on the effort of each person and the background knowledge you have as well as the ability to absorb each individual’s lesson.

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