– ACT vocabulary is so large that there are difficulties in learning ACT vocabulary for students who is preparing for this certificate.

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Difficulties in learning ACT vocabulary

Unlike the TOEFL or IELTS vocabulary, an ACT certificate is a prerequisite for admission to universities in the US. Even though you have reached English proficiency, it is only the beginning of ACT practice. The challenges that you often encounter when learning ACT vocabulary:

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  • A lot of vocabulary: The number of words is quite large, specialized vocabulary, so you will have difficulty in applying in practice and will quickly forget what you have learned.
  • Difficult to remember: About 30% of the vocabulary is more difficult than TOEFL. The test includes many scientific terms of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, and Astronomy. Algebra, flat, geometry, and trigonometric vocabulary is accounting for 75%.
  • Must understand the meaning of words: Although the ACT only tests vocabulary with average difficulty, but tests the details of the context, they match the surrounding words through idioms that are difficult to learn because there are thousands of idioms in English.

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How to learn ACT vocabulary effectively?

  • Write words down on paper, look for additional definitions, and add them to memory through taking notes. However, this method is quite time-consuming.
  • Learning with flashcards may be the best solution, watching vocabulary over and over again. If you can remember them all, you already have each word in the ACT vocabulary list already.
  • Learn vocabulary with friends, social networks by creating interaction and reflexes that can remember words longer with friends or online tutors.

Not all people memorize information in the same way. Therefore, you should find a method that is really suitable to overcome difficulties in learning ACT vocabulary and get the best results.

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