– If comparing the difficulty level between the ACT and the SAT, the ACT is easier than the SAT in terms of thinking pressure and exercise types. This makes students subjective and leads to common mistakes during ACT test.

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Like all national exams, the ACT has a rigorous exam time and lots of pitfalls. As a result, students are more likely to make fundamental and something wrong, making their ACT score more or less affected. Therefore, we need to understand the common mistakes during ACT test so that we can learn from future work. These mistakes are divided into 4 parts:

  1. Mistakes in ACT English
  • Stay away from “No change” answers: Some students think answers like “No change” or “No error” are traps. But actually this is not true, especially in the ACT English section, they are all possible answers as well as other answers.
  • Failure to fully read: ACT test questions often focus on a small part of a complex sentence. Therefore, many students often get trapped by not reading the meaning of the sentence carefully, leading to misunderstanding and choosing the wrong answer.

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  1. Mistakes in ACT Math
  • Do not take note of work steps: The questions on the ACT Math section are very cunning. At first glance, these sentences are very easy because they only require the basics of Mathematics. However, the ACT Math problem often requires students to apply the formulas in a more advanced way, so if we do not write down the steps we do wrong, it is very easy to get it wrong.
  • Wrong use of calculators: Students need to be cautious when using calculators during work. It’s a great tool, but when you miss a hit during work, you can feel pressure and click the wrong numbers, leading to miscalculation.
  1. Mistakes in ACT Reading
  • Inference too much: ACT Reading often gets straight to the point. Most responses are given directly in the readings. If not, the test taker only needs to think a little, not deep thinking. If you find yourself rationalizing how an answer might be correct, then stop because you are going in the wrong direction.
  • Answer questions in order: ACT Reading questions are randomized and not in any order. If you cannot find the answer to a question, skip it and come back after finding it in the passage.

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  1. Mistakes in ACT Science
  • Ignore units of measure: Units of measure play a very important role in the ACT Science test. It is a pity that students make mistakes simply because they forget to convert units of measurement to fit problem requirements.
  • Failure to understand exam requirements: ACT Science test requirements determine the direction of writing for students. ACT Science test papers come in many types such as charts, scales, experiments… If you misread the chart or mix the questions, you are at a higher risk of making mistakes.

Above is a summary of common mistakes during ACT test that students often make. During the preparation process, especially in the problem stage, students should pay attention to the details of each ACT test above to avoid losing points.

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