– In parallel with the SAT, ACT exam preparation is increasingly being chosen by many students to supplement their US and Canada study abroad records.

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ACT certificate

ACT, short for American College Testing, is a standardized entrance exam for high school students who want to apply to colleges and universities in the US or Canada.

Currently, all US universities accept both SAT and ACT scores as admission requirements and more students choose ACT over SAT. The reason is that the ACT exam closely follows the program studied at high school, mainly testing students for the knowledge that they are learning at school, not puzzled and in favor of intelligent indicators like SAT.

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Exam structure

Section Type of questions Duration
Verbal • 40 sentences about analysis

• 35 sentences about rhetoric

45 minutes
Math • 14 sentences about Pre-Algebra

• 10 sentences about Elementary Algebra

• 09 sentences about Intermediate Algebra

• 09 sentences about Coordinate Geometry

• 14 sentences about Plane Geometry

• 04 sentences about Trigonometry

60 minutes
Reading • 10 sentences about Social Studies

• 10 sentences about Natural Sciences

• 10 sentences about Literary Narrative hoặc Prose Fiction

• 10 sentences about Humanities

35 minutes
Science • 15 sentences about Data Representation

• 18 sentences about Research Summary

• 07 sentences about Conflicting Viewpoint

35 minutes
Writing Using ideas and reasoning to answer a problem 40 minutes

ACT is different from SAT in the Science section. This test does not test students’ scientific knowledge in specific sciences but mainly assesses the ability to read and analyze data related to science subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Astronomy, Earth Science, Meteorology… So students do not need to have too much knowledge of science to be able to do this test.

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The scale

ACT has 4 sections including Verbal, Math, Reading, and Science is scored on a scale of 1-36 for each section. The official ACT score is the average of these four sections so the ACT test will have a maximum score of 36 points.

Writing is optional, if you choose to write in the Writing section, you will get a separate score with a scale of 0-12. This score is used by schools to assess students’ ability to analyze and argue, without affecting the official score of the ACT.

ACT exam preparation

Generally, students must spend at least 3 to practice the ACT. If you have studied well in Math and English, it will save time to practice. Like SAT, ACT requires students to have a large vocabulary to be able to meet the ability to study in an academic environment. In addition, ACT tests students’ reading comprehension and quick calculation skills. Therefore, students who want to do well on this test must have a detailed preparation plan.


  • Set specific score goals depending on the school’s application.
  • Plan a problem-solving practice from each part to the whole test.
  • Refer to Practice Test exams from various sources.


  • Less expensive because you only need to buy books or download documents and print them to study at home.


  • It is very difficult for most students to get perfect or near-perfect scores without the guidance of someone who has experience in ACT exam preparation.
  • Science is not included in the same exams, so students have to study and familiarize themselves in the form of problems if there is no instructor.

Exam preparation with tutors


  • Guide on how to learn ACT vocabulary scientifically and effectively.
  • Instructions on skills to solve math exercises.
  • Instructions on how to read and understand without ignoring knowledge.
  • Instructions on how to get information and data in Science.


  • Because ACT exam preparation is quite new compared to SAT exam preparation, it is difficult to find tutors with experience teaching this certificate.
  • High costs due to the fact that ACT requires a qualified and knowledgeable tutor.

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